David Dunn, of Green Mountain Power, discusses renewable energy

We've seen wind turbines. We've taken basic physics to understand energy. Yet now we hear of a "Cow Power" program from Green Mountain Power (GMP), which is a company that converts cow manure to methane and utilizes it to create electricity.

A short version explanation provide by GMP's website states: "One cow produces over 30 gallons of manure a day. Now, multiply that by 1,000, the number of cows on a typical Cow Power farm. That’s a lot of cow poop. Which, interestingly enough, means that’s also a lot of methane. And methane can be used to create electricity. And thus, we present to you, GMP Cow Power."

Want the longer version? Tune in this Thursday as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with GMP David Dunn, who has seen the inception of this program, as well as sees the vision of the future for GMP's renewable energy source. It's all happening Thursday at 1:00 until 1:30 p.m. on AM 730 KWOA! You can also check out more information on Cow Power by reading the KWOA article titled "Holy Cow - Cow Power?"


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